Do you want your wah pedal to have a better sweep range? Or maybe you’d like to have a feedback loop in your fuzz pedal.  Need to have a switch, jack, or potentiometer replaced but don’t have the soldering chops?  We can do that for you.  Or maybe you want that DS-1 pedal you bought when you were 14 to not sound like shit anymore.  We can probably also help you with that.

Just email us with your problem or idea and we’ll let you know if we can handle it.

Here’s the financial end:

We charge you $10 to take a look at the pedal…open it up and probe around to assess things.  If we can’t fix it, we keep this $10 and send the pedal back to you.  If we can fix it, this $10 will count toward the first hour of labor.

You pay for shipping, parts, and labor.  We don’t inflate prices for parts or postage.  Labor is $20/hour and will be charged to the nearest quarter of an hour.  All repairs and modifications will be charged for at least 1 hour of labor.

If you live in Pittsburgh or nearby, we can workout a drop-off/pick-up to avoid shipping.

If there is a problem with a Feisty Little One pedal and we can determine that the damage is our fault or just a part malfunction (i.e. you didn’t throw it against a wall or use a power adapter with the wrong polarity), we’ll most likely perform the repair for free.


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