Salacious Fuzz

this one is named after jabba the hutt’s court jester…that lovable kowakian  monkey-lizard: salacious b. crumb.

the salacious fuzz is a nice little distortion pedal.  it’s got your basic three controls: gain (right knob), tone (middle knob), and volume (left knob).   the circuit has a maximum gain of 200, so you can get some nice square waves.  and it cleans up pretty well when you roll back your guitar volume.

the footswitch is true-bypass, so no original tone is lost when the pedal is not engaged.  and it has a bright yellowish-greenish led indicator.

another feature of the salacious fuzz is that it is capable of driving an 8 ohm speaker (cab) without the use of an amplifier when all the knobs are turned up.  it won’t be very loud, but provides a decent practice-by-yourself volume.  or you could plug some headphones into the output if you want to use distortion when your roommates are all sleeping.

this pedal can be powered only by a 9v dc, center-negative (boss style) wall adapter.  this is not included.  and there is no battery option.  sorry.

demonstration video…


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