the DL-44 is a squarewave oscillator that is triggered by three, momentary, push-button switches.  the pitch of the oscillator is controlled by the knob on the left of the unit.  each push-button switch sets the oscillator to a different pitch range.  you can use the switches one at a time or press any combination at once to get a number of pitch range possibilities.  sound is only produced when one or more of the buttons are pushed down.  once the buttons are released, the oscillator will stop.

output is through a 1/4″ jack on the right side of the box.  the switch on the left side of the box turns the unit on/off.  it can only be powered by a center negative 9v wall adapter(not included).

this instrument is very loud and there is no volume control. so we recommend that you keep the volume on your amplifier low when first turning the oscillator on.

here is a video sample of the oscillator in action (with the old enclosure). it starts without any external effects, but then a phaser pedal is used and later a delay pedal is also introduced into the mix.


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