Rebel Scum


The Rebel Scum is a gated distortion/fuzz pedal with pulse width modulation.  turning the pwm knob all the way to the left will get you some rich, thick squarewaves.  turn it all the way to the right and your tone will become thinner and accentuate the treble frequencies.  kinda like fuzzy casiotone trumpet.  we think it sounds pretty neat.  with the range switch down, the tone is thick and more bass-heavy.  flip the switch up and you get more treble.  the blend knob controls the mix between a medium gain distortion tone and the pulse width modulated squarewaves.  the volume knob controls the level of the entire pedal.

this pedal is gated pretty hard, so the sustain is abbreviated.  if you need a lot of sustain in your playing, we suggest putting a compressor, clean boost, distortion (or any effect that increases signal gain) in front of the rebel scum.

the footswitch is true-bypass so that you don’t lose any original tone when the pedal is not engaged.

the rebel scum is powered by a center-negative (boss style) 9v dc wall adapter only (not included).  if you feel that you absolutely must have a battery snap in there, let us know and we’ll add it for you for free.

here is a video sample. a boss phase shifter is also used toward the end. (old artwork on the pedal)

and here is a video by nicolas from the french band, ask the dust:



8 thoughts on “Rebel Scum”

  1. Giordano said:

    Greetings, Wondering how much this costs I am. Grateful I would be to learn this.

  2. Dave Lowman said:

    Does this pedal only sound best in the fret position that you have played thru-out the sample video?
    Or, is that the only position you my be able to play?

    • it’s the only fret position i am capable of playing due to arthritis in my elbow from a bout with lyme disease. thanks a lot for bringing it up, asshole.

      • Dave Lowman said:

        I am sorry that you have been a victim of a rare disease, and have been physically damaged because of it. However, many effects for guitar have a neck or certain ‘fret sweet spot’, as you no doubt know, that sound best. That was all that I was asking.
        The effect is very sweet! I love it, but was just wondering if it was frequency restricted.

  3. how does bass work with this?

  4. fickle pickle said:

    Ever think of putting a LFO on the pwm. O.o

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