Sonic Disruptor

the sonic disruptor has two square wave oscillators, a mix knob to control the levels of the oscillators, and an active low-pass resonant filter. the oscillators modulate each other, so there are many sonic and rhythmic possibilities, depending on the two pitches, the mix of the oscillators, and the cut-off frequency of the filter.

the controls in the front row of potentiometers (left to right) are:
oscillator 1 pitch, mix, oscillator 2 pitch

the controls in the back row of potentiometers (left to right) are:
master volume, filter resonance, filter cut-off frequency

the switch turns the unit on/off.
this is powered by a 9v battery or 9v dc adapter (not included…sorry)

output is through a quarter inch jack on the back of the box.

here is a  sample video with poor sound quality:


3 thoughts on “Sonic Disruptor”

  1. Square-waves are easy— when are you going to get to the hard stuff, like sine-waves, and ten triangle-waves?

  2. It’s like an Atari Punk Console with (extra) knobs on 😀

  3. David Alexander McDonald said:

    Shades of Dik Mik getting mad wonky in Hawkwind…!

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