Cerberus is a fuzz pedal capable of a wide variety of tones and textures.  The bias and gain controls interact with each other to create sounds from octave up/(pseudo) ring modulator to slowed attack to really thick and messy fuzz.  With the tone switch in the down position, you’ll get heavier bass sounds (maybe even an octave down effect depending on the knobs’ settings).  Flip the switch up and the sound is thinner, tighter, and almost like a treble booster.

You really need to play around with the settings to find the sounds that you like.  Moving one of the knobs just a tiny bit can result in a very noticeable difference.  But it’s fun.

The footswitch is true-bypass, so you will not lose any of your instrument’s original tone when the pedal is off.  An ultra-bright red LED will let you know when the fuzz is engaged.

This pedal requires a standard, center-negative (boss style) 9v DC wall adapter for power.  Sorry, there is no battery option.

Here is an audio demo that we hastily threw together.  It was recorded via a Zoom H2 used as a USB microphone into the recording program, Audacity.  No other effects were used until the very end when a delay is introduced to help accentuate the slowed attack time of the fuzz.  And I liked how it sounded.

(Damn, I really need to get a better sounding demo on here!)


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