Thermal Detonator

the thermal detonator is an oscillating fuzz pedal. the circuit itself is a fuzz face clone with silicon transistors. but we’ve added a couple features that give you many more options to create diverse sounds. this pedal is capable of effects similar to the zvex “fuzz factory” and the devi ever/effector 13 “truly beautiful disaster” (although the circuits are a bit different).

in addition to the usual volume and fuzz/gain controls, we’ve added a “bias” knob. depending on where you set this, you can get a gated effect that will produce a sputtering sound. or turning to the right will allow you to have more sustain with each note.

the next additional control is the “sag” knob. this is a voltage divider that controls the amount of power that is applied to the circuit. you may have heard of some people preferring to use half-dead batteries in their fuzz pedals…this control allows you to have the same effect when using a 9 volt dc adapter or a brand new battery. cutting back on the amount of power going through the circuit allows you to have greater control over the effect at lower volumes. also, when the “bias” knob is turned to the left, turning the “sag” knob to the left will produce a “velcro fuzz” effect…gated, sputtering, stuttering, tearing sounds.

finally, we have added a feature that allows the fuzz pedal to self-oscillate. it is really just a feedback loop inside the pedal. you’ll get the crazier, nastier sounds when using this pedal in oscillation mode. the other settings will drastically affect what happens in this setting. even turning the volume and tone controls on a guitar will change the sound of the pedal.

left to right, the controls are volume, bias, fuzz, sag, oscillation

the left footswitch is true-bypass and allows you to switch from clean to fuzz.

the right footswitch turns on the feedback loop in the oscillation mode.
nothing will happen if you turn the “osc” knob when not in oscillation mode.

the thermal detonator runs on a standard “boss style” negative tip 9 volt adapter or a 9 volt battery (neither are included…sorry).

the artwork for this pedal was created by black sheep productions- visit their blog for original silkscreened designs and illustrations!

here are some sound samples:
(we hope you don’t mind the terrible guitar playing)

sample 1: fuzz control from 0% to 50% to 100%

sample 2: bias control from 0% gradually to 100%
sample 3: a couple power chords at about 75% fuzz
sample 4: velcro fuzz
sample 5: oscillating fuzz
sample 6: more oscillating fuzz
sample 7: even more oscillating fuzz


4 thoughts on “Thermal Detonator”

  1. An octave of fuzz love does not a pedal make.

  2. megapoop said:

    yoda’s guitar wisdom!

  3. Naguma Sontc said:

    Yes! Yes! You have discovered the power of the ‘Fuzz’!

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