Technological Terror



the technological terror is a cmos-based, squarewave noise synthesizer.  there are ten, patchable modules (yeah, we really packed them in there)  for your aural and tactile enjoyment.  these include:

OSCILLATORS – 6 single oscillators of varying frequency ranges.  highest frequencies at the top.  the bottom two oscillators are sub-audio frequencies and can be used as lfo’s.

SYNC’D OSCILLATORS – one oscillator running through another into the same output

DUAL INPUT OSC – patch two oscillators into this module to create tremolo or ring modulator type sounds.  there is also a knob that changes the waveshape a little bit.

SHIFT REGISTER – patch two oscillators into this 4-stage shift register for even weirder ring mod-ish sounds.  or send sub-audio oscillators into it to get different rhythms with which you can control the arpeggiator or dual input osc.  top input is for data, bottom for clock.  the reset switch turns the sound off/on.  all four stages are summed together into one ouput.

FILTER – this is a resonant, low-pass filter based on the one in ray wilson’s weird sound generator.  the left knob is the cut-off frequency, right knob is resonance

ARPEGGIATOR – this is a simple arpeggiator.  the three inputs determine which tones are heard and when.  doesn’t sound like the kind you are used to, but we think it’s still neat.

MIXER – a passive four channel mixer with separate volume controls.   you have to plug things into here if you want to hear anything.

EXTERNAL INPUTS – these allow you to plug other instruments into the technological terror.  the left input is for things like guitar, microphones, most synthesizers and keyboards.  going straight from this input to the mixer gives your instrument a nice, gated fuzz effect.  the right input is for other 9v squarewave instruments like your atari punk consoles and optical theremins and whatnot.

OUTPUT- from here you can plug into your amp or other,  external effects. (might we suggest phaser and delay pedals?)  there is also a master volume control.


the modules are patched together via banana jacks.  we will provide you with six cheap (homemade) patch cables to get you started.  but we suggest that you look into getting some good cables with stackable banana plugs.   these will allow you to use each output or input for multiple purposes at the same time.

red banana jacks are the inputs

black banana jacks are the outputs.

the technological terror is powered by a 9volt, negative tip dc adapter…like most boss pedals.  this is not included,  sorry.  there is  no battery option.

***please be sure to use a negative tip adapter.  if you use a positive tip adapter, you will probably fuck everything up.  fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! rivers and seas boiling! forty years of darkness! earthquakes, volcanoes…!  the dead rising from the grave!  human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!***


i guess that about covers it.  contact us with any questions.

oh! here are some videos:





10 thoughts on “Technological Terror”

  1. SWEET! But, still no sine-waves, or ramp-waves, or triangle-wave, etc….
    And, without all those other waves, One is hard pressed to judge the device’s filter.
    How old are you?
    Have you ever played with a Moog modular?
    A Roland Modular?
    A Korg MonoPoly?

    • yeah, the thing is that this isn’t a real synthesizer. and i don’t think we’re trying to pass it off as such. you can’t plug a cv keyboard into this and play your favorite tangerine dream song. if you could, we’d be asking for much, much more money.

      however, it is modular in that there are a number of different circuits with various functions that can be patched together in many combinations.

      this will probably be used for noise/drones/ambient stuff…depending on who it ends up with.

      have i ever played any of those real modulars? no, i’m too poor. i have to build my own…and yes, it has waveforms other than square.

      how old am i? old/mature enough that i don’t feel the need to go to your website and talk shit.


      • BlackbirdFX said:

        nice. agreed feisty. i made a few drones/noise boxes and they are great!! you can spend hours with them and never get bored. i have to say though.. mine was not as packed as this wonderful noise machine!! love it

    • SecondHandSynth said:

      What does age have to do with it? It’s NOT a Roland… and it’s NOT a Moog…

      Who cares… It’s cool.

  2. 4051 and 4017 for the arp?

    looks like someones been trolling some lunetta forums 😉

    • it’s been a while since we’ve made one of these, but i think it’s actually just the 4051.
      but yep, we either got the idea for this from a forum or the fun with seamoss website.
      you got us!

  3. FLO- this IS a real synth, screw any naysayers.

    For my own purposes, I’d prefer options other than square waves, but your design/layout/execution puts you in the top 25% of boutique synth builders I’ve seen out there. Kudos! I dig your FX devices too!

  4. Steve Scutt said:

    Dear SirMadam/Madamsir. Hi there!
    My name’s steve and I’m currently living in London. I have built Ray Wilson’s Weird sound generator and LOVE it. I also like the look and sound of your technological terror and would love to build one myself.. I’ve recently got hold of an old “UNILAB” computer interface with loads of banana jack sockets on the front and would love to know if you could post me a schematic of your ” technological terror” for perusal… cheers,
    yours sincerely. Kind regards.
    Steve Defacato.

    • Dave Lowman said:

      It is A Synth! In every respect i think that this device qualifies. The early synthesizers in electronic music were not CV controlled. Humans made the choices in the sound palette, just like you have done so excellently in the last third of the last video on the page! Kudos!

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