Stereo Microphones (for accordion)



we made this for our friend, jenn.  she plays the accordion (and did the artwork for the thermal detonator).  jenn asked us if we could figure out a way to allow her to amplify the sound without having to stand in front of a microphone all the time.  after some research, we found that two microphones were better than one inside of an accordion.  so we attached two directional electret condenser microphones to a stereo 1/4″ phono jack.   a stereo cable will connect this jack to the stereo 1/4″ input phono jack on the mixer.    both signals can be individually attenuated (that’s what the knobs are for: left/right volume controls).  from there, the two audio signals will be combined into a mono signal.  just plug the output of the mixer into an effects pedal or two…or directly into an amplifier with a mono cable.    now jenn can walk around when she plays.

this setup requires a 9v power supply (only battery for now).  to conserve battery life, just unplug the mono cable from the output jack when not in use.


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