Red Tauntaun

the “red tauntaun” is a straight-up, two-knob distortion modelled after the “red llama” by way huge…which was a clone of the “tube sound fuzz” found in craig anderton’s 1975 diy book: Electronic Projects for Musicians…which, in turn, was based on the electro-harmonix “hot tubes” stompbox.   the “red llama” has inspired many, many clones over the past few years (go ahead and do a quick google search, i’ll wait).

even though it’s a simple circuit, the fact that it has been copied so much over the decades is testament to its amazing distortion characteristics and reliability.    actually designed for line-level signals (synth, keyboard, etc), the red tuantaun will break up a guitar signal in much the same way that an overdriven tube amp does even if you are playing through a solidstate.   it allows for clarity of the notes to cut through the distortion and remainss very quiet when nothing is being played.  we’ve also used larger-value capacitors than the “red llama” to allow the bassier tones from your guitar to pass through the red tauntaun.

the red tauntaun is simple to use.  the “gain” knob controls the level of distortion.  you can get anywhere from a nice overdrive to distortion to thick fuzz.  the “volume” knob controls the overall level of the pedal (obviously).  and the toggle switch between the knobs allows you to use even more gain.  (flip it up to boost the gain.)

the red tauntaun runs on 9v dc, center negative (boss style) wall adapters…not included.  no battery option is available (sorry).

that should just about cover it.  if you have any questions, please send them our way.

here’s a demonstration video.  as always the compression on the camera makes it hard to hear differences in gain level (and the guitar playing is not very good).


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