Forest Moon

the forest moon is a drone box which consists of three oscillators that are mixed together into one output.   the oscillators interact with each other and can produce different pulses and rhythms depending on their frequencies.  each oscillator has its own pitch control and mute switch.    the knob that is farthest to the right controls the overall volume.  the switch beneath the volume knob allows for two different tones – left is normal, right is distorted, pseudo-ring modulator.

output is through a 1/4 inch mono jack on the right side of the box.

the switch on the left side of the enclosure turns the entire unit on/off.  this is powered by either a 9v, negative tip, dc adapter or a 9v battery (not included).

here is a quick demonstration video:

here is another demo that Mattia (one of our customers from italy) did with the drone box. we like it and thought that you might, too.  Mattia also did the decals on the box (which we think look really nice, as well).

we also did a custom job for someone who wanted two forest moons in one box.  each has a separate mono output, but there is also a stereo output available (left channel is the top row of oscillators, right channel is the bottom row).   it sounds nice to have six drones going at once.  it reminds us of the lush, full cacophany of a night in an ewok village.  anywy,  here’s a picture of the finished product.

and here is a nice bit of ambient droning done with a dual forest moon by Magnus from norway.  here is what he says about it:

“just the double forest moon with delay on one channel (i doubled with another track at the end, but most of the piece is just the forest moon running by itself).”

audio and visuals by magnus:


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