Ice is back with a brand new invention


Did you miss us?  We have a new pedal.  It’s called Cerberus.  Yeah, it’s another fuzz circuit.  And, yes, we know it’s not star wars themed.  But maybe you’ll check it out all the same.

We also finally got around to recording a demo for the Old Smoothie.  It’s not very good, but it’s at least something.  You’ll find it under the description of the pedal.

Oh, and there is new artwork and a different enclosure for the DL-44.




what does a mingamelon taste like?

hey everybody,

sorry it’s been a while since the last time you heard from us.  we’ve been busy and broke.  but we’re back to working on pedals (maybe a couple new ones in the works).  and we redesigned the blog layout.  i hope it’s a little easier to navigate now.  we hope to get better photos and demo videos up soon, too.

i’ve also been watching the old he-man and she-ra cartoons a little bit lately.  they’re not as good as i remember from back in the day. i wonder how well the pirates of darkwater would hold up?


look out, honey, cause i’m usin’ technology!

there are a few updates to present.

1. we’ve started dabbling in graphic design programs and printing our artwork on adhesive vinyl. the rogue leader is the first pedal to undergo a metamorphosis. the salacious fuzz has also shed its cocoon. which brings us to…

2. feisty little one is proud to present…another distortion pedal. it’s called the salacious fuzz. link in the products section.

3. we’ve finally been able to upload the new demonstration videos for the technological terror. they are now posted on the appropriate blog page.

roll out the red carpet!

hey everybody,

so, we’ve got some big news.  feisty little one is going to start regularly producing the technological terror.  in fact, we have one ready now if anybody wants it.  just take a look over in the products section for more info.

a few improvements have been made to the design of the technological terror:

we’ve screen printed the “artwork” directly onto the faceplate.  the filter works much better now…as do the shift register and arpeggiator modules.  and the pulse width modulation knob in the dual input oscillator module is much more responsive.  aside from that, everything else is the same as in the sample videos.

we will try to get new videos posted soon, but our camera is not cooperating at the moment.

you want contact microphones?

we spent the last couple days making 50 contact microphones.  these lovelies will soon be on their way to belgium, where crush the button
will distribute them amongst you.

you can also get some of our stuff at geargas store.  it doesn’t look like they’ve posted everything yet but they’ve got one of everything we make (except the mindless philosopher…which we’re still working on getting to them).  they seem to also be listing the f.l.o. gadgets on ebay, so just do a search for “feisty little one” and they should come up.