Rogue Leader

[new artwork, pictured above!]

the rogue leader is a distortion pedal with a unique pitch shifting feature.  with it, you can get some weird envelope filter-type sounds to spacey, wailing screeches.  or just regular, old distortion if you want.

the pitch shifter seems to be dependent on the envelope of the instrument signal being fed into the pedal.    the pitch will shift up when the signal is introduced to the circuit.  as the note is held, the pitch will gradually step down.   the pitch also is sensitive to volume: the louder you play something, the higher the pitch.

the fundamental pitch is controlled by the pitch knob.

the depth knob controls the timbre of the pitch shifted notes.

the blend knob allows you to mix the distortion signal with the pitch shifted signal.  turning it all the way to the left will give you a decent distortion tone.  all the way to the right is just the pitch shifter.

volume, of course, controls the level of the entire pedal.

the stomp switch is true bypass so you don’t lose any of your instrument’s original tone when the pedal is not engaged.

the rogue leader can be powered only by a center-negative (boss-style) 9v dc wall adapter (not included).  if you feel that you must have a battery snap in your pedal, tell us and we’ll add one free of charge.

it’s hard to describe what this pedal sounds like, so here is a sample video.  please forgive the unimaginative guitar playing.


6 thoughts on “Rogue Leader”

  1. KILLER !!!!

  2. How does it work with bass?

  3. Uglyface?

  4. Sweet Pedal!

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