i can’t drive 55!

the beach is fun.   getting a speeding ticket, however, is not fun.   nor is paying the fine.

so, we’re selling off some old prototypes and leftover gadgets we have laying about.  all are in new condition.

prototype of the rebel scum (pictured left):   SOLD

top left knob is blend control.  top right knob is pulse width control.  middle knob is volume control.  switch on the right is for the range of the pulse width modulation.  switch on the left changes from blend control to a weird feedback loop effect (lower volume in this position).  powered by 9v center negative dc adapter (not included).  no battery option.

see rebel scum page for video sample.

first ever prototype of the rebel scum (pictured left):  now on eBay

from when we were going to call it the ion pulse.  no blend control.   left knob is volume control.  right knob is pulse width modulation.  switch on the side is for the range of the pulse width modulation.   powered by 9v center negative dc adapter (not included).  no battery option.

sounds like the rebel scum with blend control turned all the way to the right, so watch the rebel scum video to get an idea of what the pedal is like.

4 channel passive mixer/splitter (pictured left):  SOLD

used as a mixer there are four 1/4″ inputs.  each with its own volume control.  one 1/4″ output on the side.  there is no master volume knob.

to use as a splitter, input is on the side.  4 jacks on the bottom are the outputs.

passive = no power needed.  it also means that there will be volume loss.  volume drops more as more channels are used.

passive notch filter (pictured left) =  now on eBay

this is based on a project in craig anderton’s book “electronic projects for musicians.”   we built it just to see what it is like.  it’s a passive notch filter using an inductor and capacitors.  it cuts out selected frequencies from an audio signal.  the knob on the right is a rotary switch that selects the frequencies to be filtered out, the knob on the left controls the depth of the filtering effect.

the rotary switch has six positions: far left position bypasses the filter circuit, other positions select capacitors of different values. the toggle switch in the middle changes the value of the inductor. so you get a total of 10 different filter frequencies.

passive = requires no power source, but there is a drop in volume.

click here for a quick sample video.

***we are also selling 5 contact mics at $13.50 US each and a shaker box w/ mute switch and low-pass filter for $40 US.  (sawtooth oscillator w/ lfo =  SOLD.)***

might have some more stuff to sell.  gotta go through some boxes to find it, though.

shipping costs depend on how much you buy and where you live.  but we’ll make it fair.

email us at onelittlefeisty@gmail.com if you are interested in anything above.


right near the beach…boyeee!

we’ve been busy working on a few orders lately.  gear gas store (in boston, i think) ordered one of everything we currently make.  we hope to get that shipped out to them by the end of this week.  we’re also going to be putting some rogue leaders, red tauntauns, and rebel scums right down the street at backstage guitars (pittsburgh)  in a week or two.  so feel free to stop in there and try them out.  maybe take one or two home with you.

(and we haven’t forgotten about those of you who ordered individual pedals…we’re trying to work on everything all at once.)

in our spare time, we’ve been diligently working on the mulitple octave and sample rate reducer circuits.  it’s been frustrating, but we’ll get there eventually.  and in trying different things out, we’ve discovered some neat sounding tricks that could be used in upcoming pedals/oscillators.

we also hope to develop the passive ring modulator, tremolo, and attack/decay/”sustain” pedals some more, too.

oh, we’re so busy!  vacation next week will be nice.

tah-tah for now!

and, softly, grey gnomes were whispering to my ear:


we’re sending a few rogue leaders and contact mics over to belgium to be sold by the fine fellows at crush the button.  so, if you’re reading this in europe, that’s where you might want to get those things.

also, we’re going on somewhat of an indefinite hiatus due to a family medical emergency.  we’ll still be able to read and answer yr emails.   but all building of gadgets has ceased for now.    hopefully, we’ll be able to start again in a week or two.



two updates in one day!

we added a new section to the blog today:  “Artists who use F.L.O.”

if you buy/bought any of our products and want us to add a link to your project’s site, just let us know.

the first link so far is for Entrabe, a project from italy.  they use the forest moon and a contact mic from us in their new EP.  check it out.  the drones are pretty sweet.

we should have a couple new pedals ready pretty soon.  those are the screenprinted/clear-coated boxes for them pictured above.

the red tauntaun will basically be a clone of the way huge “red llama” or the “tube sound fuzz” by craig anderton.  like the tube sound fuzz, the red tauntaun will have a switch that will allow you to choose how much gain the pedal is capable of producing.  (by the way, the picture is supposed to be a composite of a tauntaun head and the famous che guevara print…get it?  “red” tauntaun?)

the other pedal will be an octave generator.  you’ll be able to use the original note, one octave up, one octave down, and two octaves down.  each octave will have its own level control.  plus there will be a master volume knob.

we hope to have these done soon.

we’ve got a groovy thing going, baby. (we’ve got a groovy thing.)

well, we’ve added another guitar pedal to the products list.  it’s called the Rebel Scum.  it’s nice.

we’ve also updated the picture of the dl-44 and should be listing one or two on ebay momentarily.

there is also going to be a policy change or two around here starting now:

we’re beginning to phase out the use of battery power options.   batteries are expensive and you have to keep buying them (or recharging them, if you’re lucky).  and they make circuits behave differently depending on how much current is left in them.   and, not to sound too much like hippies, but batteries are not so great for the environment.   if you are still using batteries for your effects pedals, you might want to invest in something like the Visual Sound 1 SPOT 9v wall adapter/daisy chain.  for about the same price as 8 9v batteries, you can power 8 pedals at once for forever (as long as you pay your electric bill).

as of now, our pedals will no longer be supplied with the battery option.  stuff like the forest moon and 4 step oscillator will have both battery and adapter options.  and the little things like the dl-44 and sawtooth oscillator will continue to only be battery powered for now.   we’ll try to update all the product pages soon so that there is little or no confusion on this matter.

also, if you feel that you must have a battery snap in your pedal, tell us and we’ll add one free of charge.

thank you for your time and understanding,

rmj and tb