we’ve been busy working on a few orders lately.  gear gas store (in boston, i think) ordered one of everything we currently make.  we hope to get that shipped out to them by the end of this week.  we’re also going to be putting some rogue leaders, red tauntauns, and rebel scums right down the street at backstage guitars (pittsburgh)  in a week or two.  so feel free to stop in there and try them out.  maybe take one or two home with you.

(and we haven’t forgotten about those of you who ordered individual pedals…we’re trying to work on everything all at once.)

in our spare time, we’ve been diligently working on the mulitple octave and sample rate reducer circuits.  it’s been frustrating, but we’ll get there eventually.  and in trying different things out, we’ve discovered some neat sounding tricks that could be used in upcoming pedals/oscillators.

we also hope to develop the passive ring modulator, tremolo, and attack/decay/”sustain” pedals some more, too.

oh, we’re so busy!  vacation next week will be nice.

tah-tah for now!