we should have a couple new pedals ready pretty soon.  those are the screenprinted/clear-coated boxes for them pictured above.

the red tauntaun will basically be a clone of the way huge “red llama” or the “tube sound fuzz” by craig anderton.  like the tube sound fuzz, the red tauntaun will have a switch that will allow you to choose how much gain the pedal is capable of producing.  (by the way, the picture is supposed to be a composite of a tauntaun head and the famous che guevara print…get it?  “red” tauntaun?)

the other pedal will be an octave generator.  you’ll be able to use the original note, one octave up, one octave down, and two octaves down.  each octave will have its own level control.  plus there will be a master volume knob.

we hope to have these done soon.