well, we’ve added another guitar pedal to the products list.  it’s called the Rebel Scum.  it’s nice.

we’ve also updated the picture of the dl-44 and should be listing one or two on ebay momentarily.

there is also going to be a policy change or two around here starting now:

we’re beginning to phase out the use of battery power options.   batteries are expensive and you have to keep buying them (or recharging them, if you’re lucky).  and they make circuits behave differently depending on how much current is left in them.   and, not to sound too much like hippies, but batteries are not so great for the environment.   if you are still using batteries for your effects pedals, you might want to invest in something like the Visual Sound 1 SPOT 9v wall adapter/daisy chain.  for about the same price as 8 9v batteries, you can power 8 pedals at once for forever (as long as you pay your electric bill).

as of now, our pedals will no longer be supplied with the battery option.  stuff like the forest moon and 4 step oscillator will have both battery and adapter options.  and the little things like the dl-44 and sawtooth oscillator will continue to only be battery powered for now.   we’ll try to update all the product pages soon so that there is little or no confusion on this matter.

also, if you feel that you must have a battery snap in your pedal, tell us and we’ll add one free of charge.

thank you for your time and understanding,

rmj and tb